Facebook Post

Many know that I have been “running” a 9th Edition Crusade, the Noctilith Crusade, but not many people have been able to get much for games in during the pandemic. I am also aware that there are a number of folks in our community that haven’t had a chance to play 9th edition.

So, now that we seem to be getting closer to a return to “normal” with the lifting of the mask mandate in MN, I am planning on organizing a Saturday standalone Crusade at D6. The plan is to try and play 2 or 3 Combat Patrol missions from the Basic Rule Book. I am looking at mid June so folks have enough time to build up their army. You will need a 50 Power Level Order of Battle, built using the rules under the Narrative Play section of the BRB. If you are interested in learning the Crusade System comment below to let me know.

I will cross post to the Discord as well.