The Argovon Crusade

With the mask mandate rescinded in our area, things are getting back to normal. Our Local Friendly Game Store (LFGS) asked if I would be willing to put on a Crusade “event” since there has been interest in it at the store. So, next month I scheduled some tables on a Saturday to host an 1-day event as a way to get folk introduced and gauge interest in a Crusade Campaign that could get more games being played again.

We may schedule a meeting early in the month to let folks know what to expect and see how many tables we may need. Here are a couple of links that may be useful from the Noctilith Crusade Campaign that I have been running: About and Frequently Asked Questions. The Noctilith specific entries can be ignored for the Argovon Crusade, but it gives you an idea of how a Crusade is run.

I think that maybe I will do a video.