Shadow Throne Missions

I have always wanted to build a small force of Shadowkeeper Custodes since picking up a couple of boxes of Talons of the Emperor back in “the day”. I loved the narrative idea of the Shadowkeepers and the Sisterhood of Silence companions being called in when my Raven Guard forces ran across some powerful daemon or heretic that possibly escaped the dungeon prisons when the Citrix Malidictus enlarged. (need to look back on this narrative to see when the cells emptied.)

When the Shadow Throne boxes were released back at the beginning of January 2022, I picked one up. Once I had sold off the GSC 1/2 of the box I lined up another GSC player to take that half and picked up a second box. I had also ordered a Valerian and Aleya box from Amazon using a gift card left over from Christmas. The Valerian and Aleya box hadn’t even been shipped by the time I had built the two boxes of Shadow Throne so I canceled that order an ordered 2 boxes of Vertus Praetor bikes. I used the kit bash by War Hammer Man to build a Shield Captain on Relic Dawneagle Jet Bike.

Since my main Warhammer 40K buddy was starting his GSC for our new Crusade, we decided to use the 2 missions in the Shadow Throne box as practice. We split those missions so I had to create a 3rd mission – yeah, even in Narrative play we had to have a winner. LOL

In this mission, the GSC had disabled the transport carrying the Patriarch in a cargo container. Guarding the “convoy” was the Blade Champion, a Custodian Guard unit of 3, 5 Prosecutors, and a unit of 5 Witchseekers. In reserve was the Shield Captain on the Dawneagle jet bike and a unit of 3 Vertus Praetors.

The GSC sent a strong force in a last ditch effort to rescue their Patriarch. The first wave in was a unit of Purestrain Genestealers that went right through the Sisters on the left flank. The carnage was swift and brutal. They consolidated in to the Guards that were anchoring the center of the line. A unit of Jackals tried to take the right flank but the Witchseekers put up a wall of flame that soon sent the Jackals in full retreat. With the right flank now secure , in a coordinated move, the one remaining Guard fell back and the Sisters melted the remaining Purestrain – the stench of burning Xenos was unimaginable.

While all this was happening, a blob of Neophytes moved into cut through the container. The Blade Champion, in an act of desperation and heroism, charged into their lines and cut them down nearly to a “man”, if one could still call the foul hybrid men. That act, while neutralizing the immediate threat, did not come without a steep price. Pulling a play from the Custodes, the hybrids fell back and the remaining bikes shot down the Blade Champion.

Meanwhile on the now collapsed left flank more xenos hybrids moved in to cut open the container. The xenos flooded the left flank trying to screen the rescue party. It was just one Guard and the Witchseekers looking to take on 15 hybrids and 5 misshapen hulking aberrants when the Veritas Praetors came sweeping in! Their hurricane bolters ripped apart the rescue party while the Shield Captain started to soften up the aberrants. That fire power allowed the right flank to take out the next wave there.

The Shield Captain sacrificed himself keeping the aberrants busy, while the rest of the bikes took out the remaining infantry. On the right flank the flammers turned a charging unit of xenos into a smoldering gelatinous mass ooze. Vengeance for their Shield Captain belonged to the Veritas Praetors, they cut the remaining aberrants down, sending the rest of the the cult scurrying back to whatever hole they had came from.