New Crusade!

With the pandemic still forcing a hold on the Noctilith Crusade, I had time to pick up and look through the T’au codex. I was pretty excited about the “new” T’au, excited enough to actually put the brand new Talons of the Emperor force I had just built back in storage boxes and bring out my T’au.

Loth'vol Solar System

The Loth’vol system, located in the Lithesh Sector in the in Ultima Segmentum of Imperial controlled space. This sector is between T’au Empire space and the Chardon sector. As the T’au begin the arduous process of assimilating this system they find that they are not the first aliens to set their sites on Loth’vol – there are elements of a Genestealer Cult group here as well. Though the factions involved with Crusade are both T’au and Genestealer Cult the majority of the narrative will be from the perspective of the T’au, specifically Shas’o Dal’yth Tor’ash Nor.

If you are intersted in following along with this new Crusade be sure to check back!