Loth’vol Mission 1 Thoughts

Well the first mission of the Emyin Campaign, and the Loth’vol Crusade is in the bag. For this mission I chose the Secret Meeting agenda item, narratively it was a meeting with head of the Planets revolution leader, Hattie Kuborn. The T’au forces were heavy with Auxiliary units – Shaper Grahm’ka Gota, two units of Kroot Carnivores, and a unit of Vespid. There was a unit of Pathfinders for Markerlight support and a unit of Breachers as personal body guards to Aun’vre Dal’yth Ga’mo (Aun’mo). The meeting was rudely intereupted by a 10-bug unit of genestealers which assaulted the Breachers and Kroot on the right flank – wiping both units out. Well, technically the lone surviving Kroot failed morale. The Breachers killed one in Overwatch and the Kroot killed one in melee. The genestealers then tagged Aun’mo, who through heroic effort held them off single handedly as Hattie escaped… yep it is my story I will tell it my way.

From there on it was a downhill battle, the GSC forces were a hard counter to the squishy auxiliary heavy T’au list. With the 8″ cult ambush and icons on all his troop units to bring back d6 models each turn, made it impossible for my troops to kill of his shooting unit and the Auxiliaries can’t shoot in combat so if I kill any of his combat troops in melee they just come back the next turn. It was really bad. The T’au forces were tabled and the only GSC unit that was destroyed was the genestealers after wiping out 1/2 my army – and that was only barely by what was left of my army shooting them. With their 4++ it was only barely that the unit was wiped.

After the game we discussed that I needed more durable units to hold the midfield – big surprise there; T’au not durable. I decided that at 5PL I would add another XV25 unit and for only 5PL a missile XV88. Next I think that I will add a railgun XV88.

So, the next mission is from the basic rule book Crusade mission pack – Assassinate. In a daring pay back raid, the T’au will try to cut the head off the snake, so to speak.

And the last mission for the Emyin Campaign will be an Incursion sized list, 50PL. The mission is dependent on the results of the 2nd mission, but will be either The Ritual or Reconn Patrol.