Dal’yth or Allied Sept?

To Dal’yth or to Allied Sept? That is the question. Ok, well not really. The real question is do I really want to write up a whole Sept history for an allied sept? Part of me says, “Oh absolutely!” and another part of me is saying that I am planning on having at least 2 possibly 3 Kroot Kindred in my army as Auxiliaries. I have 20 Deathworld green paint scheme painted that I will run as Kroot straight out of the codex. However, I have 10 AoS Chaos Warhounds that I am running as Kroot Hounds (see post). I am also planning on doing a custom Kindred for them because I liked the paint job too much to repaint them. I picked up huge bag of Carnivore bits that I was able to make 20 more Kroot to be the Troops for the new Kindred. This Kindred will require a new backstory – which I have framed out in my head. But I digress….

Back to the actual T’au Sept question… I do have a different paint scheme (light blue with dark blue and grey hightlights) than the cannon Dal’yth sept (mainly green), but I am using the same Sept color (purple). I do like the Dal’yth sept because it helps the Auxiliary units be more integrate better, and be more impactful, with the T’au regulars. And with 70 Kroot Carnivores, 10 “Kroot Hounds”, 11 Vespid, and a Krootox Rider, I want to lean into the Auxiliaries more. I am also planning on picking up the Start Collecting! Seraphon box for “counts as” Greater Knarloc and some Knarloc Riders.

So, I digressed yet again, I know, that is shocking. Games Workshop has built in the ability to have a custom Sept and just use the rules for the established Septs, like they did for Space Marines, and called it Allied Septs. Since this site is all about the Grimdark Narrative and the rambling of this post, I think that I have made up my mind – custom sept it is. Now what to call it….. Well that is the topic of another post.

EDIT: The name of the custom Sept is Dal’tash.