40K to BattleTech Alpha Strike?

My normal narrative 40K Crusade players have been unavailable to play since mid-Spring, so I was getting a little twitchy to play on the table top. I decided to go down to my buddy’s place the other day. It was in his basement where the whole 40K Odyssey started. They have been doing BattleTech for the last couple of years, I tried it but it was too complex for me to get into. John struck up a friendship with someone (Andrew) in the Cities that actually worked on the new BattleTech Alpha Strike edition. Alpha Strike is a simplified version of BattleTech, the original intent was to do large battle games, Apocalypse size to put it in 40K terms.

Andrew has been big on the Alpha Strike 350 play-style, which has come on to the tournament scene. When I dropped down to John’s he was talking about the new system. His excitement was contagious, maybe my lack of gaming made me more susceptible I am not sure. No matter what the reason, I reluctantly decided to let him teach me Alpha Strike. As I stated earlier, I was not fan of Classic, but I found it fun.

When the rest of the folks got there we played a 2v2 learning game. In the next couple of days I did some Internet searches to learn enough of the background fluff of the BattleTech universe. This is that part I enjoy.