Dipping the Toe in the Alpha Strike Pool

As I said in the previous post, 40K to BattleTech Alpha Strike?, there was a perfect storm that formed to get me to the spot where I was willing to try a game of Alpha Strike. The real question is will this new game take over the for 40K? Or is this new fascination just pent up purchasing and playing withdraw? The one advantage is that, even if this new journey ramps up in to full blown Odyssey like 40K, BattleTech doesn’t have the span of models or the crazy, often overwhelming, release schedule of GW.

With that said, I picked up a Game of Armored Combat box set from John and since I had decided to play the Wolf’s Dragoons mercenary faction I also picked up the Barnes and Noble exclusive Wolfs Dragoons Assault Star box set. That totals 13 models and I paid less than $90, just a little over a box of XV8 Crisis Battlesuits ($80 at the time of this post) from GW which only has 3 XV8s and 6 drones that rarely make it on the table top these days.