Capture the Flag

In order to help John get prepped for the Tourney on Saturday we went to his place and played a couple of Capture the Flag mission games. When I got there Jedi and Sarge were just starting. Tobin and I were looking up rules as needed. It was quite the learning experience watching them play. Sarge took out Jedi’s Diaishi in turn 1 or 2. I don’t blame him, that ‘mech is a beast. Once that was out of the way it seemed like it was an uphill battle for Jedi. Jedi got tabled around Turn 3 or 4 and lost 0-2.

I didn’t feel up to the challenge since it would only be my 3rd game of Alpha Strike, and first objective based mission. We played Capture the Flag on the same board set up as Jedi & Sarge played on the game before. This saved some time. From my Wolf’s Dragoons/Early Rebublic era, reinforced Heavy Striker Lance. I brought my Lance sub-commander in his Mad Cat (Timber Wolf) Prime, protecting the home base in our deployment zone. On the right flank, the Black Hawk (Nova) A and Wolverine WVR-7M2; on the left flank was Grendel (Mongrel) A (which as it turns out wasn’t available to the Dragoons in Jihad 🙁 ).

Sarge dropped a Dasher right in front of my right flank and the combined fire from the Black Hawk and Wolverine, supported by the Mad Cat, took out the Dasher and the Gnome unit it dropped. He was hoping that it would last longer than that. Luckily, he had another Dasher that grabbed the flag and made a run to his base. Man, can those things move.

Next up I took two flags and dropped them at my base to take a 2-1 lead. I was able to put the hurt on his mechs, but the shot that saved the game or me was cutting movement in 1/2 for the mech carrying the flag that would tie the game. It was a a lot of fun.

Take away: my experiences of playing mission based 40K games in our Crusade campaigns actually transfers very well.