Narrative Campaign Starting

Sarge and I are going to start testing out a more narrative/”historic” BattleTech Alpha Strike campaign using the DFA Wargaming‘s campaign framework and most of the AS350 Tournament rules from Wolf’s Dragoons (limiting the optional rules, mech Special Abilities, and such). Last night we chatted on the phone for an hour and a half discussing roster limitations from both AS350 Tournament and DFA’s campaign framework. We decided that we were going to start by using the reference material’s stats for our companies, this means that we could have more than 2 Elite (Skill 2) pilots and more than one particular chassis/model of a mech since it is narrative. We also decided to start in 3025, just 3 years before Misery.

I decided to use DFA’s framework since they had already adapted the Chaos Campaign: Succession Wars module to the Alpha Strike system; that saved me a lot of heavy lifting. They also had some great video on their YouTube channel discussing their rules set and missions.

It will be interesting to see how this works out!

The Companies

He wants to play our companies based on the reference material (The Fox’s Teeth: Exploits Of McKinnon’s Raiders), he will be playing McKinnon’s company. Hopefully we can connect so that he can loan me an extra copy of his The Fox’s Teeth: Exploits Of McKinnon’s Raiders manual, and spot me the 3 force packs that I will be buying from Aries Games this week. That way I won’t have to wait for them to get here to start painting them. 🙂

Instead of playing Woomack’s Company “Fox Hunters”, Baker Battalion, Gamma Regiment I will be playing MacElroy’s Company, Baker Battalion, Alpha Regiment since I have more of those models. I have or will have the minis for MacElroy’s after my next Aries Game purchase. He is getting some more Force Packs in stock later this week. I will be picking up a IS Command Lance, IS Direct Fire Lance, and an IS Battle Lance. With what I have I will only have to borrow a Whitworth and Quickdraw, which are supposed to be coming out in plastic soonish.