Company Achievement Unlocked

Today Aries Games and Miniatures posted that for sure their restocking of the Battle Force boxes would be in on Monday and put them up for pre-order. I ordered a IS Command Lance, IS Battle Lance, and 2 IS Direct Fire Lance boxes. Sarge also jumped in on the order as well. Since he had stashed sets of the same boxes I ordered for a future project, he graciously allowed me to borrow and start painting 1 each of the Command, Battle, and Direct Fire Lances! With the minis from those boxes (and the long term loan of a Whitworth & Quickdraw) I was able to complete my MacElroy Company, Baker Battalion, Alpha Regiment Wolf’s Dragoons! Now to get painting!!

The plan is to run some Alpha Strike campaigns using the DFA Alpha Strike Campaign system. He will be using the Fox’s Teeth, McKinnon’s Raiders. I was missing too many of the Woomack’s Company minis to field that company so I decided to use MacElroy’s Company. We did a little test Recon mission with our Recon Lances. The Dragoons were all light mechs, but had better skills. The results of our 5 or 6 turn game was I took 1 armor point of his Shadow Hawk and 1 of his Stinger. I suffered no damage before withdrawing from the field with valuable intel.

Our first mini-campaign if you will, will be the Battle for Udibi in the back of the Fox’s Teeth: Exploits Of McKinnon’s Raiders book. It consists of 4 chained missions that happen in very rapid succession, with no time to replace mechs and doubtful there will be any time for repairs.