AS350 History & Campaign Talk

Last night I drove down to Sarge’s to deliver our latest order of BattleTech Force Boxes, borrow an Clan Fire Star so that I can use the Dasher to round out my AS350 list. Then we started talking about our test campaign, using the DFA campaign framework. That’s when I noticed that the list I had for Woomack’s Company was completely different that in the book. I am not sure where I got the list, but I am pretty sure that it came out of the Fox’s Teeth book – I have no idea why two of the same book would be different…. This one had a Wolverine WLV-6R in each lance.

As we were gathering loaner ‘Mechs to complete my list, Sarge got a call from Andrew Krull, a member of the team that wrote the AS350 rules, WolfNet Radio, and a Catalyst Game Labs Demo Agent for BattleTech. He was coming down to chat and throw some dice! Great! I have been wanting to meet him for a while hand it just hasn’t worked for me to get up to the Cities when our crew went up.

Andrew coached us through a game of Domination, he thought Sarge was in trouble. Especially when I took one of his Dashers out. But, in the end, Andrew over estimated my dice rolling and I was tabled in 4 or 5. That seems to be how long I can last in a game.

After the game we discussed the aspects of Alpha Strike that I enjoy (in the 4 games that I have played to date), and we got into why Andrew and his crew started the AS350 rules set. Both him and Sarge want to get me to play BT Total War (Classic), but I am hesitant.

Next we discussed the Campaign that Sarge and I were starting and that intrigued Andrew a lot. He wanted to be part of the testing of the campaign with a AS350 bent on it. We discussed the DFA Alpha Strike Campaign framework and Andrew said that he would send me a couple of other examples of Alpha Strike campaigns that they had considered trying. He was not a fan of DFA because they used a lot of house rules on their channel, but I assured him that not much, if any, bleed over into their framework.

I told him that once I got the PDFs from him that I would compare them and give him my opinion based on all the 40K campaigns and DMing that I had done before.

I think that I will start a series of posts where I will discuss what I envision a good campaign framework should have and then compare the 4 that I have found. Stay tuned.