Campaign Framework: Alpha Strike 350 Campain

I was recently sent a campaign framework that is based on the Alpha Strike 350 tournament rules…. sort of. The framework starts right out saying, in the 3rd sentence no less, that it is designed for their local meta that “prefers head to head competitive type games.” And the rules support that. This is fine, because no one will come into the campaign expecting fluffy, “historical” games.

As the title indicates, this campaign framework starts off by using the AS350 Tournament rules for initial force construction. They have chosen the Era that everyone must build to as Clan Invasion, this helps the technology creep that is inherent in the AS350 rules by leaving it open to the player to take the Era that they want – which translates to the optimum Era for a chose faction.

There is a mechanic built in that allows for players to permanently lose units (mechs, pilots, ground units and crew) that were destroyed in game, accquire new units (don’t have to follow 350 rules though), replace pilots/crew, repair units between games, as well as upgrade pilot/crew skills). The issue that I see (and have experienced in past campaigns) is that the winner seems to receive the bulk of the Victory Points (VP) that can be converted to Resource Points (RP) at a rate of 1VP = 25RP. With up to 4VP for tabling your opponent, the stronger factions will get stronger much faster than the weaker factions will be able to catch up.

Salvage is handled via the table roll that will determine whether the unit is lost or not.

In summary, this is set up to be a very competitive campaign, it starts out balanced using the AS 350 Tournament rules, but the fact that the players can “break” those rules by spending RP for new units and enhancements and buying units that are outside the chosen faction means that the initial winners will race ahead of the initial losers by virtue of all the extra VP. This is “countered” by the recommendation that the campaign only go between 1-3 months before starting over.