Dragoons Inventory Fall of 2022

I joined the ranks of BattleTech Alpha Strike back the end of August of this year. I have purchased Game of Armored Combat, Clan Invasion, Beginners Box, Inner Sphere Battle Lance, Inner Sphere Command Lance, 2 Inner Sphere Direct Fire Lances, 2 Clan Fire Star boxes, 2 Wolf’s Dragoons Assault Star, and a few odds and ends single mechs. And I am still impatiently waiting for the Alpha Strike box. Below is a picture of the units that can be played by the Dragoons in any of the eras.

I chose Wolf’s Dragoons because back when I was going play BattleTech Classic occasionally Sarge thought that a Mercenary faction would be the best for an occasional player. I got to reading up on their backstory and really enjoyed their fluff, so when we decided to play Alpha Strike I stuck with the Wolf’s Dragoons.