Urban Conquest for 10th Edition 40K

I decided to move to a non-Crusade Narrative Campaign. I was thinking that it would be possible to simplify and adjust Games Workshop’s Urban Conquest for use with 10th Edition 40K. Making it more of a different play style for 40K like Combat Patrol or Boarding Action. There were some things that I wanted to consider while looking over the rules.

First was to simplify, out of the box, there is quite a bit of administration and a whole extra pre-game phase, called the Action Phase. In this phase, players were to decide how aggressive they wanted to be in this battle. They also had to calculate Strategic Points which were used to buy Resource Cards that were similar to “Stratagems” which allowed players to seize territories from their opponents, fortify territory sectors, or damage opponents territory sectors. This game within the game would be the first to go in my first iteration of the modified Urban Conquest.

Secondly, I wanted to keep as much of the current Warhammer 40K rules as possible so that the players don’t have to learn a lot of additional rules or change up the army list building as much as Boarding Action or Combat Patrol. I decided to keep the “standard” list building restrictions and to use the current detachment rules.