Capture the Flag

In order to help John get prepped for the Tourney on Saturday we went to his place and played a couple of Capture the Flag mission games. When I got there Jedi and Sarge were just starting. Tobin and I were looking up rules as needed. It was quite the learning experience watching them play.… Continue reading Capture the Flag

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Narrative Research

I decided that if I wanted to try doing a narrative-centric Warhammer 40K blog/podcast/YouTube project I should do some serious research into what is currently out there. Below are some of the articles/websites/FB pages/YT channels/podcasts that I found while searching the web for similar projects. Facebook: Narrative Crusades Facebook Page Narrative Crusades YouTube Channel Warhammer… Continue reading Narrative Research

NarrativeLabs Channel

Today I ran across a post on one of the Facebook groups that was mentioning a recent article on Realm of Plastic that was talking about a recent video post from NarrativeLabs. When I checked it out I was intrigued. I checked their videos and found that they have been around since last year. Interesting… Continue reading NarrativeLabs Channel

Matched Play vs Competitive Play vs Narrative Play

There are a few ways to play Warhammer 40K. We are going to take a quick look at them before taking a more in-depth look at narrative play. I am covering them in the order that is most people commonly think of when they think of playing Warhammer 40K. Matched Play This is what most… Continue reading Matched Play vs Competitive Play vs Narrative Play