Capture the Flag

In order to help John get prepped for the Tourney on Saturday we went to his place and played a couple of Capture the Flag mission games. When I got there Jedi and Sarge were just starting. Tobin and I were looking up rules as needed. It was quite the learning experience watching them play.… Continue reading Capture the Flag

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Dipping the Toe in the Alpha Strike Pool

As I said in the previous post, 40K to BattleTech Alpha Strike?, there was a perfect storm that formed to get me to the spot where I was willing to try a game of Alpha Strike. The real question is will this new game take over the for 40K? Or is this new fascination just… Continue reading Dipping the Toe in the Alpha Strike Pool

Loth’vol Mission 2

After nearly being wiped out by the surprise appearance of a Genesteeler Cult, Aun’mo was able to contact the orbiting Manata and a Retaliation Cadre was dropped to eliminate the foul, tainted alien hybrids. The Retaliation Cadre had them on the run, but lost them in the ruins of an old abandoned promethium refinery. Aun’mo… Continue reading Loth’vol Mission 2

Loth’vol Mission 1 Thoughts

Well the first mission of the Emyin Campaign, and the Loth’vol Crusade is in the bag. For this mission I chose the Secret Meeting agenda item, narratively it was a meeting with head of the Planets revolution leader, Hattie Kuborn. The T’au forces were heavy with Auxiliary units – Shaper Grahm’ka Gota, two units of… Continue reading Loth’vol Mission 1 Thoughts

The Loth’vol System

This system was created using the Expanding the Empire section of the 9th Edition T’au Codex’s Crusade Rules. The following is the T’au Water Caste assessment of the Gue’la system. You may believe it or not, but Shas’o Tor’ash has been tasked to “enlighten” and assimilate this system into the Tau’va. And this is a… Continue reading The Loth’vol System

Shadow Throne Missions

I have always wanted to build a small force of Shadowkeeper Custodes since picking up a couple of boxes of Talons of the Emperor back in “the day”. I loved the narrative idea of the Shadowkeepers and the Sisterhood of Silence companions being called in when my Raven Guard forces ran across some powerful daemon… Continue reading Shadow Throne Missions