Campaign Framework: FactoruM

I am looking at the campaign framework put forth in the Factorum Battletech Alpha Strike 3024: New Ivaarson enhanced event pack. You may be asking what is an “Ehnhanced Event”? They open right up with saying “Enhanced Events are narrative driven, open to new and veteran players alike.” This framework is designed to string multiple… Continue reading Campaign Framework: FactoruM

Campaign Framework: Alpha Strike 350 Campain

I was recently sent a campaign framework that is based on the Alpha Strike 350 tournament rules…. sort of. The framework starts right out saying, in the 3rd sentence no less, that it is designed for their local meta that “prefers head to head competitive type games.” And the rules support that. This is fine,… Continue reading Campaign Framework: Alpha Strike 350 Campain

What’s a Good Campaign Framework?

In my quest to find a good campaign framework for BattleTech Alpha Strike, a game that I have played less than a dozen times, what should I be looking for, or include, if I can’t find an acceptable one that is already been created? You might be asking why even do a narrative campaign when… Continue reading What’s a Good Campaign Framework?