Campaign Framework: FactoruM

I am looking at the campaign framework put forth in the Factorum Battletech Alpha Strike 3024: New Ivaarson enhanced event pack. You may be asking what is an “Ehnhanced Event”? They open right up with saying “Enhanced Events are narrative driven, open to new and veteran players alike.” This framework is designed to string multiple… Continue reading Campaign Framework: FactoruM

What’s a Good Campaign Framework?

In my quest to find a good campaign framework for BattleTech Alpha Strike, a game that I have played less than a dozen times, what should I be looking for, or include, if I can’t find an acceptable one that is already been created? You might be asking why even do a narrative campaign when… Continue reading What’s a Good Campaign Framework?

Narrative Campaign Starting

Sarge and I are going to start testing out a more narrative/”historic” BattleTech Alpha Strike campaign using the DFA Wargaming‘s campaign framework and most of the AS350 Tournament rules from Wolf’s Dragoons (limiting the optional rules, mech Special Abilities, and such). Last night we chatted on the phone for an hour and a half discussing… Continue reading Narrative Campaign Starting

The Loth’vol System

This system was created using the Expanding the Empire section of the 9th Edition T’au Codex’s Crusade Rules. The following is the T’au Water Caste assessment of the Gue’la system. You may believe it or not, but Shas’o Tor’ash has been tasked to “enlighten” and assimilate this system into the Tau’va. And this is a… Continue reading The Loth’vol System

Shadow Throne Missions

I have always wanted to build a small force of Shadowkeeper Custodes since picking up a couple of boxes of Talons of the Emperor back in “the day”. I loved the narrative idea of the Shadowkeepers and the Sisterhood of Silence companions being called in when my Raven Guard forces ran across some powerful daemon… Continue reading Shadow Throne Missions

Narrative Research

I decided that if I wanted to try doing a narrative-centric Warhammer 40K blog/podcast/YouTube project I should do some serious research into what is currently out there. Below are some of the articles/websites/FB pages/YT channels/podcasts that I found while searching the web for similar projects. Facebook: Narrative Crusades Facebook Page Narrative Crusades YouTube Channel Warhammer… Continue reading Narrative Research

NarrativeLabs Channel

Today I ran across a post on one of the Facebook groups that was mentioning a recent article on Realm of Plastic that was talking about a recent video post from NarrativeLabs. When I checked it out I was intrigued. I checked their videos and found that they have been around since last year. Interesting… Continue reading NarrativeLabs Channel