BRB – Crusade Mission Pack Game Sequence Guide

  1. Select Game Size
  2. Muster Army
  3. Determine Mission
  4. Read Mission Briefing
  5. Select Agendas
  6. Create Battlefield
  7. Determine Attacker and Defender – Roll off winner decides
  8. Place Objective Markers – Mission will instruct how many and where. Unless otherwise stated markers can be on a terrain feature as long as it lays flat and doesn’t hang over.
  9. Choose Deployment Zone – If the zones are not marked, the Defender chooses DZ.
  10. Declarer Reserves and Transports – secretly mark down what units will start in Strategic Reserves and what units will be embarked on transports. NO more than 1/2 the total number of units can be in Reserves and/or Reinforcements AND must be less than 1/2 PL. Some missions will make changes.
  11. Deploy Armies – Alternate setting up no Strategic Reserves units on the battlefield beginning with the Defender
  12. Determine First Turn – Roll off winner decides if the want first or second.
  13. Resolve Pre-Battle Abilities
  14. Begin Battle
  15. Ending the Battle – 5 rounds unless otherwise stated
  16. Determine Victor – Max of 90 points on mission objectives; plus 10 point Battle Ready army
  17. Update Crusade Cards
    1. If taken out of action
      1. Devastating Blow – no XP from game, plus loose d6 XP
      2. Battle Scar
    2. Update XP
    3. Determine Battle Honors
    4. Update Combat Tallies
  18. Update Order of Battle